The Heels To My Healing


Most people do not know our past. They do not know the struggles we’ve been through in our lives, so they judge us based on where we are when they meet us. Many times this upsets us, without realizing that they really don’t know. Some of us also are either ashamed of our past or just feel as if it’s our business and no one else needs to know.

A friend and I were discussing low self-esteem. She asked, “Why are so many of us with low self-esteem attracted to you?” I told her it’s probably because I suffered with low self-esteem at one point in my life and often still have to struggle through some issues. She asked me what I did to overcome it. I shared my story.

The story began when people kept approaching me and telling me that I should be a model. I didn’t believe them, because I didn’t see what they were seeing. One day I decided to take their advice and was accepted by a modeling agency in the area. They offered some modeling classes and told all the females to bring 3” heels. This was the beginning of my healing. The heels changed my posture and my life. I was no longer slouching or walking with my head to the ground. It gave me a sense of confidence, and even when I didn’t feel confident it showed through. It’s like Mohammed Ali’s quote, “To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are.”

I encourage all of you to share your story, especially with a young person. You might just save a life.

Wear those heels with confidence!!!  If you need help, sign up for Project GLIDE…we got you!!!

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