Featured Designer

Tim Newton

First thing’s first, to GOD be the glory.  He is the reason for this new career path.  As a child of GOD, I’ve always seen myself having my own business. The visions of having my own company to pass down to my kids, was seen a lot as a teenager.  I knew the company’s name, TnT Customs.  Fast forwarding 30 years later.  Life started happening, personal goals getting pushed back, kids, putting in hard work for other companies, etc. etc. was going on. Then November 2019 came, and that’s when I basically lost everything.  GOD had gotten my attention.  Without some of life’s distractions, I was able to have conversations with GOD to help me figure out my purpose.  And I did.  Basically, I needed to start using my GOD given talents.  I was blessed with the ability to create.  So in December 2019, with the help of a friend, I decided to create logos. 2020 arrived and I knew it was time for TnT Customs to take off and decided to do t-shirts as a way to expand my vision.  It took about 30 years later to find out what TnT meant.  TnT stands for ‘Trust n Triumph”.  That’s just a little about me, before it’s all said and done, you’ll hear more about me in a book. Thanks in advance for your business.

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