Be Inspired by Barbara Campbell

No time to give up
No time to give in
God opens the door
You just have to walk in

This is one of Barbara J (Cooper) Campbell favorite quotes.  She was born in Washington, DC on February 5, 1947 to Libby and Mary Cooper. After graduating from Spingarn High in 1966, she attended Clinton Junior College in Rock Hill, SC (1966-1968) and Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN (1968-1969) and returned to Washington DC. In 1969 Barbara attended the Cinderella Career and Finishing School, Washington, DC where she was introduced to the world of fashion. Electing to not pass up an opportunity for employment with the Government of the District of Columbia, she accepted a position in the Office of Personnel Management as Clerk Typist.  She worked her way up through different offices, and in 1981 was promoted to Deputy Comptroller for the Naval Computer & Telecommunications Station Far East, in Japan.

February 2002, she retired after 32 years of service in the U.S. Government. To her, retirement is not an end, nor a time to go home and sit in front of the television.  It is an opportunity to do something different, something enjoyable, to fulfill a dream, and be passionate about life.  Age is just a number, motivation and abilities are up to us.  Vividly remembering the commercial, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste,” she refused to give up and kept on doing.

Barbara began sewing around 1960, mostly to make items for herself.  It was difficult finding appropriate clothing for her age and height.  Since fashion was always her passion, she has gone from doing alterations, to making apparel for fashion shows. Not only is she making the garments, she is also designing what she makes, adding Fashion Designer to her repertoire.  Her clothing line is called, “Inspirationally U.”

Barbara is also the Author of, “Love Self! Love You!”  This is a self-help book that allows individuals to self-reflect on a personal basis.

Be inspired by Barbara J Campbell, Fashion Designer.

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