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Brittnie Lanee Johnson was originally born and raised in San Diego, California.  Her background consists of a variety of studies in the Arts including: Illustration, painting, fashion design, literary, and dance. 

She graduated from Duke Ellington School of the Arts of Washington DC in 2005.

Earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing from American Intercontinental University Los Angeles in 2009.

And has been making a name for herself along the East Coast as a self-proclaimed model/ fashion designer/ mother of twins.

Her clothing line Amorous and Amorous Men is an urban couture brand created for the fashionably daring with an artistic sense of style. It is for women who know how to mix a tasteful amount of sex appeal with sophistication and class in her ensembles and for men who are bold, eccentric, and unafraid to stand out in an otherwise eclectic industry.

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