About Us

Our Approach

Fashion is our passion and we dare to be different in the production of our fashion shows.  We love the creative energy behind new trends created by the fashion designers and love to see and be part of the production process.  We believe in going above and beyond to advance the lives of those who work with us.

Our Vision – to grow the dreams and bring the visions of our fashion designers to life

Our Philosophy – to surpass each production with the spirit of creativity and excellence

Our Uniqueness – to believe in the creative power of our team and of each designer

Our Story

Over the years many of our fashion designer friends spoke of how they wished they could just focus on their craft.  They would love someone to run the business aspect while they focused on designing.  The stress associated with designing and then trying to promote their brand was too demanding and caused many to get burnt out.  It’s exhausting producing and directing a fashion show, not to mention training the models and trying to get everyone to capture the vision.

This is where The Raine Effect, LLC comes in.  We created this service to help designers to remain focus on their gift and to stay in their creative space. “Design to your hearts content” is our motto for our designers.  We will capture the vision of their brand and develop a plan of action.  We will promote, showcase and get the exposure needed to advance their career.

We are here for you…

If you are a fashion designer looking for exposure, we are here for you.  Let us know what you need and we will design your plan of action.  

Tell us what you need

Designers purchase your Made in America fabric from Spoonflower