The Raine Effect, LLC

The Raine Effect is a multifaceted fashion entertainment production company. We produce and direct fashion shows to give our designers the exposure that they need for success in the fashion industry.  We work with the designers from start to finish in the production and promotion of their line.

We are known for putting on world class, top of the line fashion entertainment for all ages, all shapes and all sizes. Everyone, from the models to those in the audience enjoy every minute of our cutting edge performance. We are known for our majestic openings and masterful closings that leave everyone eager for more.

The Raine Effect Designer Agency

We are an agency whose purpose is to help set you apart.  Our aim is to lighten your load while you focus on your craft.  We will help to promote and push you into your next dimension.  We grow with rain…so let us help you grow.

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Project GLIDE®️

Project GLIDE®️ is for everyone who aspires to be a model, or those who just want to project a confident image.  This class will boost self-esteem one stride at a time.  The world is your stage; it’s time to take command of it.  SIGN UP TODAY!!!  Let’s GLIDE!!!

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The Raine Effect Online Boutique

We have an online boutique for our designers to showcase and sell their designs.  Visit and support our designers at theraineffectboutique.com

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Contact us to request a quote for a fashion show booking.  Need a Fashion Designer?  We can help you here…

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